Successful Launching of A.M.S. GLADSTONE - 210ft Deck Cargo and Ballast Tank Spud Barge and A.M.S. 1803 - 180ft Deck Cargo and Ballast Tank Barge


Australia Marine Services (A.M.S. Tugs & Barges) is pleased to announce the recent addition to the fleet with the successful launching of A.M.S. 1803 – 180ft x 70ft x 14ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barge & A.M.S. GLADSTONE – 210ft x 70ft x 14ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Spud Barge.

These 2 brand new barges belong to A.M.S. Tugs & Barges’ new range of highly spec’ed & high performance barges that offer a higher level of operational capability to the Australian Offshore Market. 

A.M.S. 1803 and A.M.S. GLADSTONE will be committed on a long term basis in Queensland to support our client’s major construction work scope. These brand new barges have a deck load rating of 20T/sqm and 25T/sqm respectively and have been designed to accommodate crawler-type cranes on deck to assist with piling and installation of various structures within port limits. Fitted with a 4 point mooring system (consisting of 30T winches c/w automated hydraulic driven clutch & brake with auto-spool & 162 kW Diesel driven HPUs), this further enhances the capability and the efficiency of the barges in completing their designated works.

A.M.S. Tugs & Barges is also proud to announce that these brand new barges have been specifically built to the clients’ requirements and moreover within a very short time-frame of 3~4 months. Even so, this was carried out at no expense to the final construction quality and engineering finishing’s of both barges.  We always strive to meet our client’s timing requirements and are dedicated to our work; standing alongside with our corporate philosophy statement as follows:-

"To provide all our clients with the most comprehensive services to meet all their marine support and logistical needs under the most equitable terms.

We guarantee prompt, reliable and efficient services at all times."


Here are some photos of the launching of the 2 barges, A.M.S. 1803 and A.M.S. GLADSTONE in Asia, whereby our clients were present to witness the event and were satisfied with the level of service and dedication rendered.

A.M.S. 1803 Succesfully Launched

A.M.S. GLADSTONE Succesfully Launched

A.M.S. 1803 Successfully Launched

A.M.S. GLADSTONE Successfully Launched

A.M.S. GLADSTONE & A.M.S. 1803

A.M.S. GLADSTONE & A.M.S. 1803


The management team at A.M.S. Tugs & Barges is currently evaluating and commencing construction in the coming months for another 2 more barge units to be completed end 2012. If there are any requirements or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.  

Please click here for the specification of A.M.S. GLADSTONE

Please click here for the specification of A.M.S. 1803

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