RigiFloat Pontoons 

AMS Tugs & Barges are the Australian and New Zealand agents and distributors for RigiFloat Pontoons.

RigiFloat Modular Pontoons are a unique and simple modular barge solution. RigiFloat Pontoons can be used singularly or in any configuration needed for particular projects. Each pontoon is certified and plated as an ISO Shipping Container (CSC Certified) allowing them to be transported and handled as you would any 40ft or 20ft container.

RigiFloat Pontoons can be economically shipped or trucked using standard tranport methods without the added cost of break-bulk rates or oversized loads.
Each steel pontoon is rated for deck loads of 8.5 per square meter and all internal and external surfaces are coated.

RigiFloat's patented pontoon connector (RPC) is Lloyds approved and a marvel of engineered simplicity. Unlike other connection systems RigiFloat's RPC uses a pair of drop in keys that self align and self tension to form a rigid stable connection. Connecting a pair of barges takes about 30 seconds. Disconnection is also a simple process and the patented RPC doesn't jam, bind or rust into place like other systems.

RigiFloat Pontoons are class approved and built under class supervision. 

AMS are happy to offer RigiFloat Pontoons FOR SALE or CHARTER.

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