A.M.S. GLADSTONE - 210ft Deck Cargo and Ballast Tank Spud Barge under construction and committed for Australia


Perth, WA based Australia Marine Services (A.M.S. Tugs & Barges) has recently confirmed the construction of their brand new ABS classed 210ft deck cargo & ballast tank spud barge named “A.M.S. GLADSTONE”. This barge has an anticipated delivery in February 2012. In light of recent rising demands for such spud equipped barges, this announcement comes as an act of A.M.S. Tugs & Barges’ commitment to address such requirements in Australia.

A.M.S. GLADSTONE, similar to other vessels within A.M.S.fleet, has been designed and built to Australian marine standards. Constructed with the dimensions of 210ft x 70ft x 14ft, A.M.S. GLADSTONE will be the first barge to have 25T/M2 deck loading and Spud Wells at each corner capable of accommodating L25M x W1.2M through the hull. The barge also comes equipped with a 4 point mooring system, L9.5M x W8.35M ramp door and cargo DWT of approx. 4000 Tonnes to broaden her capabilities.

Other than the delivery of A.M.S. GLADSTONE, A.M.S. Tugs & Barges has recently expanded their fleet with recently delivered A.M.S. 1201 – GL 35M x 17M x 3.5M Construction Barge which is available prompt. In early 2012, A.M.S. will also take delivery of another sister unit 180ft x 70ft x 14ft Deck Cargo & Ballast Tank Barge - A.M.S. 1803, joining the fleet in February 2012.


A.M.S. GLADSTONE 210ft x 70ft x 14ft Deck Cargo & Ballast Tank Spud Barge General Arrangement


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