A.M.S. SHINE and A.M.S. SWISSCO-Ready to serve the Australian Oil and Gas Sector


A.M.S. Tugs & Barges 28m 1500bhp/1440bhp Shallow Draft Workboats—A.M.S. SHINE and A.M.S. SWISSCO has recently been delivered into Australia successfully and both sister vessels are now ready for deployment Australian-wide after a recent completion of the local survey works.

A.M.S. SHINE and A.M.S. SWISSCO have been meticulously designed and constructed to operate in various shallow waters and coastal situations, including (but not limited to) dredging operations, coastal construction, barge supports and towage operations.

These two workboats were built on speculation for the rising demand for such workboats in the oil and gas, mining and construction projects in Australia. Both sister vessels have been constructed to meet the local Australian standards and requirements, and are both AS/NZ 3000 Electrical Compliant, Asbestos Free (Australian Certified) and to WA DOT Class 2B Survey.

A.M.S. SHINE - 28m 1500bhp Shallow Draft Workboat

A.M.S. SWISSCO - 28m 1440bhp Shallow Draft Workboat

A.M.S. SHINE & A.M.S. SWISSCO bow and aft FASSI F1100 knuckle booms cranes fitted on deck—rated at 8T@11.25m and 25T@3.5m.

A.M.S. SHINE & A.M.S. SWISSCO flow-through design—clear fore and aft run layout on the main deck.


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