A.M.S. 1803 - A renewed barge set for work in Newcastle NSW


Australia Marine Services are pleased to announce the successful completion of ABS class 5-year survey dry-dock for A.M.S. 1803, 180ft x 70ft x 14ft  deck cargo ballast tank barge. The dry-docking and ABS 5 year survey was performed at Harwood Marine, Harwood NSW. The A.M.S. 1803 has been our hardest working barge for the past 5 years and was in remarkably good condition only needed reapplication of paint and anti-foul.

After completing her work on the Ferry Hub Project in Barangaroo, Sydney , A.M.S. 1803 commenced her dry docking supervised by A.M.S.’s operation team. The comprehensive dry docking operation took  two weeks  and resulted in the A.M.S. 1803 being relaunched into the water as a renewed and solid barge ready for more challenges in the next 5 years .

Upon completion of her dry-dock, A.M.S. 1803 immediately went into work as a crane barge in the Hunter River on the new Tourle Street Bridge construction project.  Already equipped with a 4-point mooring system, a 600T Crawler Crane has been walked aboard and positioned on deck for the project.

A.M.S is also look for opportunities for our newly built 180ft x 60ft x 14ft deck cargo ballast tank spud barge, A.M.S. 1806, a slightly narrower yet nimbler version of the A.M.S. 1803; the 1806 is equipped with internal spud keepers and spud piles.

 A.M.S. 1806 is available prompt for charter or sale.


A.M.S. 1803 launching back into water after completion of her 5 year class survey dry-docking


A.M.S. 1803 preparing for her towage to Hunter River

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