A.M.S. 1807 - AMS new build barge chartered for Samoan piling project


A.M.S. 1807 – Australia Marine Services’ brand new 180ft x 70ft x 14ft deck cargo ballast tank barge which was delivered to Brisbane, Queensland end of 2016; has secured a charter with a Queensland based marine and civil construction company to act as pilling barge for their project in Samoa.

To suit the project’s scope the barge was equipped with a brand new 4 point mooring system consisting of four 30T winches and two dual pump Hydraulic Power Units.  A 280T crawler crane was walked aboard the barge and secured on deck in Brisbane for the 2152 nautical mile tow to the Samoan capital Apia. The Samoan project entails construction of a new wharf in Apia Port and is funded by international AID organisations.

Built as a sister barge to the A.M.S. 1803, the 1807’s design and specification is ideal for piling and lifting operations.  Her current charterer, a repeat client of A.M.S. has utilised the A.M.S. 1803 previously.

A.M.S is also seeking opportunities for our newly built 180ft x 60ft x 14ft deck cargo ballast tank spud barge.  A.M.S. 1806 is a slightly narrower version of the A.M.S. 1807 but equipped with internal spud keepers and spud piles, containerized crib/office room and work shop.

A.M.S. 1806 is available prompt for charter or sale.

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