A.M.S. Tugs and Barges targets the Australian market with new vessels delivery for 2011


Australia Marine Services Pty Ltd- A.M.S. Tugs & Barges are gearing up to be one of Australia’s major supplier/operator in tugs and barges for the Australia market.

A.M.S. Melbourne, a 35m construction barge, has just recently completed her charter for the Baulderstone Jan De Nul JV - Port Botany Expansion project since January 2009, has commenced her new charter for another anticipated project in Port Botany NSW. The successful participation of A.M.S. Melbourne has once again proven AMS capability of providing superior design and quality barges to Australia’s growing marine construction industry. To continuously repeat and better this success, AMS will be delivering A.M.S. 1201, a sister vessel of A.M.S. Melbourne to Australian waters due to increasing demand for such quality built construction barges in the Eastern States. A recent editorial by Australian National Construction Major Project Review about A.M.S Melbourne involvement's in Port Botany Expansion Project is available, please click this link to download and read the article.


AMS’s strategy to accommodate the Australian market also includes the delivery of the company’s brand new 250ft and 180ft deck cargo ballastable tank barges, A.M.S. Henderson and A.M.S. 1802 respectively to Dampier, Western Australia with expected arrival in June 2011. A.M.S. Henderson and A.M.S. 1802 both are constructed with high supervision for quality purpose at AMS shipyard which has built A.M.S. Esperance, A.M.S. Brisbane and A.M.S. Melbourne to name a few barges that has guaranteed AMS’s standard for quality and design in the Australia market. Striving to always improve the specs and design of their barges, AMS has equipped both A.M.S. Henderson and A.M.S. 1802 with ramp doors that is designed for the RO/RO operations as a feedback to the demand of the market. AMS’s attention to details from pre-treated ABS-A Steel plate to the new side ladder pockets design will be evidenced on both A.M.S Henderson and A.M.S. 1802.

AMS’s pursuit of quality vessels has also led to the AMS’s acquisition of A.M.S. Orion –a Brand New 16m DAMEN Stan Tug 1606 from DAMEN SHIPYARD. The vessel has arrived in Dampier Western Australia in April 2011 and is ready to service the oil and gas market in Western Australia specifically the CHEVRON – GORGON Project. AMS principal of inspection and compliance are priority to the company since its establishment to ensure all company vessels are in best condition and fully complied with the Australian standard. AMS staffs, engineers, Damen representatives as well local surveyors were on board of A.M.S. Orion for detailed inspection and confirmed that the vessel is delivered up to expectation of AMS,  Damen Group’s standard of quality and most importantly to Australian Standard. A.M.S. Orion, unlike any other normal tugboat, is a proven DAMEN Group’s Stan Tug design; unique and efficient especially in rough Australian waters. As enquiry and interest is rapidly growing around A.M.S. Orion, AMS is already looking into acquiring the next DAMEN tugboat to join its extensive fleet of vessel.

Towards the end of 2011, AMS will also introduce its 2 brand new units of 28m shallow-draft workboats, A.M.S. Shine and A.M.S. Swissco  as well as A.M.S. Somnus – brand new 40m 4200bhp AHT/S to the Australian market.  The vessels are designed and built according to the AMS’s forecast of increasing demands for workboats and anchor handling tugs in Australia’s resources, infrastructure and construction industry which is evidently expanding.  With the continuous success that AMS is experiencing, the company is expanding its business boundaries to overseas market starting with the relocation to a new office in Singapore as well as new offices establishment in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand.

With defined goal and capabilities, AMS is set to provide their clients with the best available vessel as well as quality services in Australia and internationally.

 ** All Specification of Vessels is available on AMS website**

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