Artificial Reef Installations


A.M.S. Tugs & Barges is proud to have been able to participate in one of Australia’s largest artificial reef installations in Hervey Bay, QLD. Subcon Technologies were the designers and main contractor for the reef installation. Gladstone based marine service company MIPEC, supplied the marine plant, including A.M.S. NOVA, one of our DAMEN 1606 Stan Tugs.

Increased population and coastal development are constantly putting pressure on our valuable ocean resources, building artificial reefs can mitigate this pressure by providing viable marine habitat to improve sustainability for recreation fishers in near coastal areas. Artificial reefs are engineered,  designed and planed for particular locations and specific fish species. Designs take into account the species preference for particular depths, light and shade; voids and profiles are created to suit particular habitat.

The locations of these new artificial reefs installations in Hervey Bay have been selected so they can be accessible to recreational fishers in most weather conditions. The structures themselves must be robust enough to maintain integrity in storm and cyclonic conditions as well as current and sediment conditions.

Australia is one of the world’s leaders in creating and installing artificial reefs with recreational fishing groups, state agencies and the federal government getting behind these programs.

A.M.S. Tugs and Barges is proud to be assisting in this effort.

Images below are courtesy of Subcon Technologies.


(A.M.S. NOVA at Hervey Bay, QLD)(A.M.S. NOVA at Hervey Bay, QLD)

                          (A.M.S. NOVA at Hervey Bay, QLD)                                                                 (A.M.S. NOVA at Hervey Bay, QLD)


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