A.M.S. GLADSTONE Participates In Major Brisbane Highway Upgrade Project


Australia Marine Services are pleased to announce AMS GLADSTONE'S involvement in a highway upgrade project in Brisbane which commenced earlier this year.  The project is one of the largest river piling projects in the city’s history with 200 piles up to 32 meters in depth to be driven along the length of the road over the next 18 months.

A.M.S. GLADSTONE is currently operating as the main crane barge for the leading construction firm who were awarded the contract by the Brisbane City Council toward the end of 2016.

Prior to commencement on the project, A.M.S. GLADSTONE underwent her 5 year ABS class survey dry dock which was completed at BSE Shipyard, Brisbane. Minimal modification was required on A.M.S. GLADSTONE to accommodate a 550T crawler crane for the lifting scope, AMS Gladstone was already equipped with a 4-Point Mooring system and crane mats.

A.M.S is also looking for opportunities for their newly built 34m 3200bhp Offshore Support Vessel/Anchor Handling Tug, A.M.S. AUSTRALIA, and our 180ft x 60ft x 14ft deck cargo ballast tank spud barge,  A.M.S. 1806. Both are available prompt for charter and sale interest.

A.M.S. GLADSTONE in Brisbane River, Queensland

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