A.M.S. Tugs and Barges Sets Sights on One Major Goal on Its 4th Year Expansion Plan


Operating in its 10th Year, A.M.S. Tugs & Barges has gradually increasing its influence through the supply of highly specialised and quality marine vessel to several landmark projects in both WA and the east coast.

Currently in its 4th year of the 5 years expansion plan,  A.M.S. Tugs & Barges has confirmed five additional brand new vessel to join the fleet between 4th Quarter 2014 and 2nd Quarter 2015. This will increase its fleet size, and renew the older vessels, which results in an average vessel age about 18 months. This ensures they are able to offer their clients with hassle-free, reliable new vessels at all time.

First to join the fleet are two brand new 180ft barges with 20t/m2 high deck strength, A.M.S. 1806, a 180ft x 60ft x 14ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Spud Barge with internal spud keepers, and the A.M.S. 1807, a 180ft x 70ftx 14ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barge with optional external spud keepers.

The most notable and ground breaking vessel will be named A.M.S. DAMPIER, which expected to be delivered Q2 2015. A 210ft x 70ft x 14ft will feature a one of a kind automated spud system that is used for dredging vessels. An automated spud system means operators no longer require crane operation to install and remove spuds, significantly reducing operation downtime and cost.

Joining A.M.S. DAMPIER is the A.M.S. TRITON, a 32m 2400BHP Shallow Draft Workboat which is the higher specification version of its proven predecessor A.M.S. SHINE and A.M.S. SWISSCO. A.M.S. TRITON will be the perfect candidate for project requiring a larger deck space and higher bollard pull capability (about 30T) for towage operation.

Last but not least, the fifth vessel, A.M.S. AUSTRALIA, a 32m 3,200BHP Ocean Going AHT capable of offshore duties, anchor handling and towage operations with the company’s barges.

With an ever-growing fleet of vessels participating in many of Australia’s major landmark projects, A.M.S. Tugs & barges intends over the year to achieve a prominent position as a leading marine vessels provider.


For Barge A.M.S. 1806 specification, please click here.

For Barge A.M.S. 1807 specification, please click here.

For Barge A.M.S. DAMPIER specification, please click here.

For Workboat A.M.S. TRITON specification, please click here.

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