A.M.S. ORION, A.M.S. NOVA and A.M.S. SHINE's charter contracts extended by client


A.M.S. NOVA and A.M.S. ORION our two Damen 1606 Stan Tugs have been on charter to our good client . The two matched 16m tugs have been based in Fremantle for the past 18 months and can often be seen assisting ships inside Fremantle Henderson, Kwinana and Garden Island Ports.

A.M.S. ORION and A.M.S NOVA operation in Henderson WA

ORION and NOVA had previously been based in Gladstone, QLD. Our client has brought them to Fremantle via a heavy lift ship and immediately put them to work. The Damen 1606 STAN Tugs are renown for being compact yet powerful work horses providing 1200 bhp out of a pair of C18 Caterpillar engines for 16T bollard pull.

The client's crews have been very impressed with the Stan Tug’s power and maneuverability and Fre-mantle Pilots have been very happy with their performance across all aspects of ship’s move-ments. The type of work the two tugs have been doing has varied wildly, they have moved sub-marines and frigates, bulk carriers and container vessels, super yachts and barges.The client's management have signaled that they intend to extend the charter so you can expect to see ORION and NOVA in and around Fremantle and Kwinana Ports for the foreseeable future.

A.M.S. SHINE in Gladstone Queensland

A.M.S .SHINE, our 28m Multicat is also on charter to the same client and is currently operating out of Gladstone, Queensland. The client saw a gap in the Gladstone market and thought a multicat would be the perfect vessel type to fill it. The client has previously chartered the A.M.S. SHINE for West coast projects so the crews were very familiar with the boat and knew what she was capable of. The client sailed her from Dampier to Gladstone and put her to work immediately after her arrival.

Multicats are the go-to type of vessel for inshore anchor handling, mooring work, dredge sup-port and hose handling, nav-aid installation and maintenance, fender changeouts and barge support. The Port of Gladstone has all this going on and AMS SHINE is one of the few working vessels in the port certified as OVID compliant which allows it to work for Oil and Gas majors such as Conoco Philips, Shell and Santos.

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