Arrival of Brand New 4 Point Mooring System


A.M.S. Tugs & Barges is pleased to announce the arrival of an additional 4 point mooring system consisting of 4 x 30T Single Drum Winches and 2 x 308HP “dual pump” Engine Driven HPUs.

To date A.M.S. Tugs & Barges owns and maintains several mooring winches and HPUs that can be deployed as a 4 point mooring system. Tested independently through IACS classification, all our winch packages are high quality builds with a record of proven reliability in Australia’s harsh conditions.

This service has been developed by client demand; winch packages are sometimes unavailable locally, adding heavy mobilisation and de-mobilisation costs to winches and HPUs sourced from Asia to projects off the North West Shelf.

An attractive hire agreement can be arranged with charter of our vessels or as stand-alone units. Our winch packages are available Australia wide.

Please contact us with any enquiries or specific requirements.

Below are some photos of our mooring winches & HPUs after arriving into Western Australia

(30T Single Drum Winch c/w I-Beam Foundation Base Plates)

(308HP Dual Pump Engine Driven HPUs)

(Winches & HPUs Stored at our Yard Facility in Karratha)

(Winches & HPUs Stored at our Yard Facility in Karratha)


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