Successful Delivery of High Spec'ed Ballast Tank Barges into Australia


Following the recent growth and developments of major oil and gas projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Australia Marine Services’ (A.M.S. Tugs & Barges) has answered to the existing demands by taking delivery of 2 units high spec’ed performance barges in recent times.

We are proud to announce that our two brand new barges A.M.S. PERTH – (ABS 250ft x 80ft x 16ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barge and A.M.S. DARWIN – (ABS 230ft x 80f x 16ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank Barge)  arrived safely in Dampier, Western Australia on mid May 2013.

A.M.S. PERTH & A.M.S. DARWIN have been designed and built to meet existing Australian standards and international regulations. Some highlights include both barges being equipped with a newly designed, Australian certified road transportable RO-RO ramp, heavy duty SMIT (SWL 102 Ton) Towing brackets fitted at bow and stern and have the option to be further equipped with class approved four-point mooring systems.

Further operational versatility allows for the barges to also have the option of integrating external spud keepers onto their side plates’ respective corners; depending on the nature of the given work scope.

Engineered and built to satisfy current vigorous market demands in the oil and gas, mining and construction industry of Australia, the A.M.S. PERTH & A.M.S. DARWIN boasts a deck loading of 25T/m2and 20T/m2, respectively. This allows for a cargo deadweight of between 5000-5500T. A.M.S. Tugs & Barges is currently one of the few, if not, only vessels owner/operator with barges of this capability in Australia.

A.M.S. PERTH and A.M.S. DARWIN complies with all local health & safety regulations, WA survey requirements and ABS Classification rules. Both barges are currently located off the North West Shelf of Western Australia and are available for prompt inspection/charter.

Arrival of A.M.S. DARWIN

Arrival of A.M.S. PERTH

A.M.S. PERTH Emergency Winch Setup c/w Shackle Rack

WLL 90T Australian Certified Road Transportable Ramp

Aft Shot of A.M.S. DARWIN


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For barge A.M.S. DARWIN specifications, please click here.

For barge A.M.S. PERTH specifications, please click here.    


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