Cyclone Mooring Facilities available in North Western Australia


With a significant increase in requirements for marine vessels to service the marine offshore industry, Australia Marine Services Pty Ltd (A.M.S. Tugs & Barges) anticipates a growing demand for cyclone mooring facilities in North West Shelf.

Apart from being a marine vessels owner/operator specialising in the charter of tugboats, barges, shallow-draft workboats, AHT/S and accommodation work barges, A.M.S. Tugs & Barges also owns several cyclone mooring facilities located in West Lewis Island and Enderby Island Mooring Areas, within the Port Limits of Dampier.

Port of Dampier hosts a vast range of recreational and commercial vessels each year, many of which use moorings instead of anchoring within port limits (Source: Mooring Handbook H-004, July 2010). As a key support to the oil and gas industry and the construction activities in the Pilbara and being at the heart of a logistics network, the Port of Dampier is growing continuously on the back of extensive regional project construction activity and high international demand for resources (Source: Ports Handbook Western Australia 2011, Department of Transport).

The Port of Dampier currently contains numerous wharf facilities and vessel mooring areas. Its principal Cyclone Mooring Positions include West Lewis Island Mooring Area, Malus Island Mooring Area, Hampton Harbour Mooring Area, Dockrell Reef Mooring Area, Enderby Island Mooring Area, and West Mid Intercourse Mooring Area. These cyclone mooring sites have been fully utilised by various operators ranging from recreational and commercial vessels during an event of a cyclone.

(Sourced from “Mooring Handbook H-004”, July 2010 – The Dampier Port Authority, Western Australia)


A.M.S. Tugs & Barges has the capability to offer suitable moorings with the charter of our vessels, either individually or as a package. Our moorings are able to accommodate a variety of marine vessels up to 77m (LOA), subject to final load analysis by certified naval architects.

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