Building Brisbane's Upcoming Icon - The Riverwalk Replacement Project


Since early this year, A.M.S. GLADSTONE – 210ft x 70ft x 14ft Deck Cargo Ballast Tank (Spud) Barge has been heavily involved in the next Brisbane upcoming icon, the Newfarm Riverwalk.

Located along the Brisbane River, the New Farm Riverwalk is one of Brisbane City Council’s key river connections between New Farm and Brisbane city centre, the Riverwalk is progressing well with the project on schedule to be completed by mid-2014. The completion of this project will add “Vitality” to the city of Brisbane and we at A.M.S. Tugs & Barges are thrilled to be a part of this.

Below are some of the operational snapshots of the barge A.M.S. GLADSTONE at work.

(A.M.S. GLADSTONE lifting walkway section of the riverwalk)

(A.M.S. GLADSTONE - Operational photo)

(Brisbane Newfarm Riverwalk recovery work near completion)

(Overall shot of A.M.S. GLADSTONE at project site)

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